3:02 p.m. / JUNE 29, 2015

The shelter staff person responsible for community outreach is currently on the phone with Frank Chun from the Asian-American Community Center. He’s updating her on Lan, a woman who came to town in 2010 for a job at the auto parts plant. She became a fixture at the Asian-American Community Center, but after losing her job, her family experienced increased stress and, eventually, violence at home. Because the shelter had partnered with the Center on how to spot and address signs of abuse – using a cultural competency grant from BSCF – Frank’s staff was able to talk with Lan about city services available to her, including transitional housing – if that is what she wanted.

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In December 2011, BSCF announced 14 grants to strengthen culturally appropriate domestic violence services for Native American/American Indian, Black and African American, and recent immigrant populations across California.